Thursday, July 29, 2010

Peppermint Patti's Premiere

Being a clown is a lot of fun! It’s kind of like being a super hero, without the cape. I go to lots of parties but sometimes things happen along the way, especially when I get lost. Like the time I broke up a gang fight by accident. I was turning around in a vacant parking lot when I noticed a large group of kids gathered around this one boy. I rolled down the window and asked if he needed help. The others all just took off and ran away, leaving the boy alone. He said he was fine and walked away. My goodness, I don’t like being lost. Thankfully I found the party and had a good time with my new friends.

I really love clowning around at birthday parties. I enjoy making people laugh but sometimes kids are afraid of me. That makes me sad. Usually by the end of our time together they are ready to be friends. That makes me happy.

Anyway, this blog will keep everybody up to date on my latest adventures. I’ll also include the escapades of some of my friends, especially the Little Red Hen. Oh, and I can’t forget my faithful sidekick, Junior Mint. She’s a guinea pig who loves to appear during my magic shows. If you listen closely when I take her out of my purse you might just hear her say, “Ta dah!”

I’ve been to all types of parties but birthdays are my favorite because I’m helping to honor a special person’s day.

What’s your favorite party of all time? Leave a comment below. And be sure to tell all your friends about my blog!