Monday, September 20, 2010

Fish Tanks

Watching a tank full of fish can be very calming. Studies have shown that it can lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety in Alzheimer’s patients, and decrease hyper-activity in children with ADHD.

Over the years, I’ve had a fish tank in my classroom. My students love to watch them swim, but more importantly, they love to take care of them! Even the janitors get in on the act—sneaking extra food to the fish who pretend to be starving.

One time they overfed the fish so much, the water turned a murky brown. That’s not healthy for them. Now there’s a sign on the tank that reads, “We get fed a pinch on Mondays and Fridays no matter how much we beg.” I must confess sometimes I give in on a Wednesday and give them a little morsel of food. Sometimes a wayward insect will come into the classroom and I feed it to the fish. It’s fun to watch the food chain in action!

My longest lasting fish is named Jeff Goldblume. He’s at least six years old and about five inches long. He was a tiny 29 cent feeder fish that I rescued from being some other critter’s lunch! He spends his summer vacations in the water accent in my front yard munching on whatever he can catch. His scales are such a beautiful vibrant orange; he’s almost fluorescent!

Jeff is such a smart fish because he spends all day in school! Do you keep a fish tank? Do you find it calming? Leave me a comment below.

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