Friday, November 26, 2010

Forbidden Fruits

Why does the forbidden fruit taste the sweetest?

Why does a sign that says, “Wet paint,” make me want to touch it?

Why is it when the doctor says, stay off your feet, I want to go for a run? I was brought back to reality this morning when I tried to jog and my injured foot protested. I’ve only been able to wear a shoe for two days now…

Rewind to a week ago Sunday. I was putting the leftover pizza away when I accidentally dropped a 10-pound cast iron griddle on my foot. (I don’t think anyone would ever do something like that on purpose!) Before I could take action, the damage was done: a contusion as well as a wound. It didn’t bleed much but it sure swelled up quickly. I hobbled over to the couch to elevate my while my family scrambled to get some ice to keep the swelling down.

Because it still hurt after an hour, I thought it might be a good idea to get it x-rayed so (who drove you?) drove to the ER! It only took an hour to find out I didn’t break anything! What I did find out is the doctor and nurse (who happened to be my younger sister Marcia) had a sense of humor.

The doctor told me I had a dislocated carpal and he needed to pop it back in place. It didn’t sound right to me but I wasn’t going to argue with a doctor! He told me it would only hurt for 10 seconds. I braced myself, closed my eyes and took some slow, calming breaths. After a quick gently foot massage, the doctor said, “All done.”

“No we’re not,” I replied, “That didn’t hurt a bit.” I opened my eyes to see everybody laughing. They had played a joke on me! I laughed, too.

So here I am ready to go for a walk—not a jog. Listening to my body is a good idea, just like following the rules. “Forbidden fruits” may be tempting at first, but in the long run—not so much.

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